“Knowledgeable and patient tutor!”

Julio is a knowledgeable, fair priced, and versatile tutor for both undergraduate and graduate students working on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I highly recommend him as your tutor and here is my story why: Julio had found me while I was looking for tutors to help me with my Master of Computer Science 600 level Artificial Intelligence course. None of the other tutors I spoke with were willing to take me on, but Julio generously offered his time to me help when I thought all hope was lost.

Julio’s knowledge, patience, and ability to break down complex and abstract AI/ML concepts into more easy to understand guided walk-throughs are in line with his Ph.D. in Machine Learning and mathematical level of understanding of the following topics/assignments: Blind Search, Informed Search, Knowledge Representation, Supervised Learning models using KNIME, Unsupervised Learning in KNIME, Artificial Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation of Genetic Algorithms with Python, Google Colab, Robotics Problems, Multi Agents/Game Theory, Reinforcement learning, Cellular Automata and also a Java Othello game project where we implemented a variety of AI search techniques for adversarial game play including Min-Max, Alpha-Beta Pruning, and Monte Carlo Tree search.

Julio helped me learn so much over the course of 6 weeks and now I’m much better equipped to discuss and demonstrate the application of these topics. Julio made it easy with his patience and knowledge.

Thank you, Julio, for finding me and helping me out. You have made a big difference in my academic career.

Feedback provided on 3/19/2022.