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by Info / on 11 July, 2023

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing represents the next frontier of computer technology, harnessing the peculiar yet powerful principles of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems far beyond the capacity of classical computers. At the heart of a quantum computer are quantum bits, or “qubits.” Unlike classical bits,
by Info / on 19 August, 2022

Cloud Computing

AWS (Amazon) Google Cloud Firebase Azure (Microsoft)
by Info / on 19 August, 2022

Advanced Computer Science

Operating Systems Computer Vision Software Engineering Safety-critical systems Software Testing Distributed Systems and Parallelism High Performance Computing
by Info / on 19 August, 2022

Core Computer Science

Computational Mathematics Introduction to computer science Computer Architecture Computer Network Data structures Algorithmic design and analysis
by Info / on 19 August, 2022

Advanced Math

Calculus Linear Algebra Probability Statistics
by Info / on 18 August, 2022

Basic Math

Algebra Geometry Trigonometry